Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My beautiful herb babies!

For once I decided I was going to be creative rather than destructive and I channeled that into deciding I was going to have babies. Okay, not actual human babies but herb babies!

I bought some seeds from my local shop and filled up a box that had previously held cosmetics in a gift I was given at Christmas. Don't you think it looks perfect to hold herb babies though? So I filled it up with compost and then added the seeds. It took a few days but then my herb babies started to show up!!

Oh my, they grow up so quickly. I've been watching over them lovingly and getting all excited when they grow and watering them. They now look like this...

As you can see the basil is growing really quickly but the coriander is taking a little longer to get going. No worries though, I am finally beginning to see some action.

It is so much fun seeing something grow. Go make some herb babies of your own!