Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My First Cara Box!

So I woke up a couple of days ago to find I'd received a package! I love receiving things in the mail, it's just so much fun! I have a penpal in Japan and we send each other a package every Christmas and I have friends in the US,  Europe & South America who I often exchange letters/cards with. So the idea of The Cara Box sounded right up my street. The Cara Box is a wonderful idea where you get matched up with two people, one person sends you a package and you send a package to the other person. Click Here to find out more or join next month's exchange!  I was matched up with Rebecca and Tara and we all began emailing each other and getting to know one another. I was sending a box to Tara and Rebecca was sending to me. The theme of the box was things from your region. 

When I got up to find my box I was so excited! 

Rebecca lives in London at the moment so all of my gifts were wrapped in tube maps, SUCH A GREAT IDEA. The moment I opened the box I was pretty sure I was going to love everything in it. I could tell a lot of thought and creativity had been put into it, even from just seeing the items wrapped so cutely and labeled with a little explanation on why she thought I'd like each gift.

Even my mum came to sit beside me while I opened each gift, it was like Christmas in May! I was so happy with each little gift because it was obvious Rebecca had really listened to what I'd told her in emails and she has such great taste! I adored everything that she sent.

I received a lovely notebook with pens (which Rebecca advised I use to help my blogging - great idea!), a London 2012 bookmark, a Cath Kidston mirror (which has gone straight into my handbag), cupcake cases and sugar decorations because I love baking and a bag of boiled sweets from a company who Rebecca had worked in the factory of - they are nearly gone! My brother and I LOVE them. Oh and finally three nail polishes which I adore, I painted my nails in the blue colour on the evening because it was so cool. I also received a lovely card of the London skyline. 

Overall I was so impressed with my Cara Box because I'd been matched with such a great person. So, thank you so much Rebecca! 

I was creating a box for Tara and I have to say it was so incredibly hard to find items associated with my city. Even though it's the second city of England, it's hard to find touristy type items and hardly anything is made in Birmingham anymore! However I tried my best and I hope she likes it.