Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My X Files Obsession

I'n the type of girl who lives about three decades behind everyone else. I'm only just, in 2013 getting into The X Files. Granted when it first came out I was 3 so I couldn't have caught it when it was first onscreens but it's took me a while to realise the wonders of two FBI agents trying to figure out the weird things within the X Files. Now I've found it I am ridiculously in lust, love and all things in between. SO this blog post will most likely turn into a rambling of the many, many ways I love it.

First things first, look at them, LOOK AT THEM. Who wouldn't want to watch the simmering sexual tension between two gorgeous people as they whisper sweet nothings such as 'You're the only one I can trust' to each other? Yes I'm shallow but MAN it's been a long time since sexual tension has been written and consistently carried over seasons so well.

Second of all DANA SCULLY. Dana Scully is the type of character I want any future daughter of mine to watch and be inspired by. She's amazing. It's so nice to see a female character written so well, the only other person who does this so well is Joss Whedon. She's a doctor who now works for the FBI. She performs autopsies like nobody's business and doesn't take any crap. She's (SPOILER ALERT) battled cancer, the loss of her sister AND being abducted and I've only half way through season five. (SPOILERS OVER). It's refreshing seeing a female that is allowed to be intelligent, scientifically based and have her sexuality defined through other avenues. She is incredibly sexy but it's because she's so confident in who she is. She's not defined in relation to the male character. She's self assured, powerful and dedicated to her job. She is the ying to Mulder's yang. She's the logic to Mulder's crazy ideas. Sometimes it does come across that she's mre of a secondary character to Mulder but I don't think that's because she's female. I think that's because the X Files is Mulder's baby and his belief that 'the truth is out is there' is HIS belief. Well, she does believe the truth is out there too but her truth is completely different to his.

So, MULDER, the sexual god of the alien world. I never got why people found Mulder attractive until season 4 and then it just HIT me. It will get you eventually! He is charming and ridiculously dedicated to his 'cause'. It's nice to see someone who is really in love with their job and truly believes in something. When he's serious, it's scary. The conspiracy episodes how his serious, brooding sides so well while the other episodes also show his lighthearted nature. He always has a dry laugh to throw into some ridiculous situation. It's one of the reasons the show can get around having evil dolls killing people, it is incredibly serious when it needs to be and in others everything is done with a little tongue in cheek.

The show is so incredibly written it means you would believe anything. As each season progresses, the plots slowly get more ...ridiculous (for want of a better word) and yet you never consider stopping watching because it's so compelling. Even in the 'monster of the week' episodes I still cannot stop watching because the tension is built so wonderfully. Sometimes I do ask myself how Dana can still be so...pessimistic towards Mulder's theories when she's seen so much but then the wonderful balance that makes up the show wouldn't be able to carry on. Even when we finally think we have a hold on something another episode comes along and changes the direction. I also find it interesting how Dana faces both her faith (she wears a cross necklace) and her science compete/live side by side.

It also scares the fuck out of me. There's been two episodes in particular when it has really unnerved me. Usually when this happens I never watch the film/tv show but with the X Files of course I had to carry on watching.It's even got me reading books on aliens, ghosts and other unexplained phenomena. It gets hold of you and doesn't let go!!!

So run along and watch The X Files. Do it, NOW.